Cooperative Agreement Number

A non-research grant or cooperation agreement provides funding to meet the Agency`s programmatic needs, such as HIV prevention projects and childhood immunization and vaccine programs. The goal of the activity without research is to identify and control a health problem or improve a public health program or service. The expected benefits of the project are primarily or exclusively for participants (or clients) or the community of participants; The data collected is needed to assess or improve the program or service, the health of the participants or the community of participants; The knowledge generated does not exceed the scope of the activity; and project activities are not experimental. c) Projects that normally result in a cooperation agreement with a commercial entity are projects that: a) formats. Contract agents use NF 1687A (available on the Internet at, with a minimal modification, as a standard cooperation agreement sheet for the allocation of all cooperation agreements. 2. Funds are paid to the recipient on the basis of milestones or benchmarks based on results. This step must be the realization of meaningful and verifiable events and should not be based on the simple time or execution of a particular effort. The government technical official must verify the contract representative and let them know if each step has been taken before approving the corresponding payment. (f) control of the recordings of inventions. 1. In accordance with the retention and review provision of this cooperation agreement, the contract delegate or an authorized representative has the right to review all books (including laboratory notes), records and recipient documents relating to the design or first effective reduction of inventions in the same technical area as the work carried out under this contract, in order to determine whether the number of cooperation agreements to be awarded as a result of the CAN; (ii) the information contained in all data for which disclosure and use in paragraphs b) (2) or (3) of this section is limited, where this information is or is known to all without violating the above additions, NASA is known or generated independently of the exercise of the responsibilities set out in this agreement, whether it is received without restriction by a third party or is included in data that the participant must make available to the United States.