Oracle Binary Code License Agreement (Bcla)

A. BUSINESS FUNCTIONS. You may not use the commercial functions to run programs, java applets or applications in your internal activities, for commercial or production purposes or for any purpose other than those described in sections B, C, D and E of these Additional Terms. If you wish to use the Commercial Features for purposes other than those permitted by this Agreement, you must purchase a separate license from Oracle. To use it in a production environment, you must purchase a Java SE Desktop subscription for JDK provided on the desktop or a Java SE subscription for JDK provided on the servers. Again, no open-ended licenses, only the monthly subscription. H. NOTICE OF BUSINESS FUNCTIONS. In order to comply with the Additional Terms Section C.v.b) and D.(v) (b), your license agreement contains the following indication, which indicates that anyone who uses the software sees the indication: In 2018, Oracle decided to change the license of Java SE and offered two Java SE subscription products to maintain its support. Patches and security fixes on JDK.

Assume that you have a standard webLogic Server license that covers usage for Java SE products. But are you absolutely sure not to use a business function? If you`ve already purchased a few Java SE Advanced desktop licenses, Oracle recommends contacting your sales representative to discuss what you can do. B. INTERNAL USE OF THE SOFTWARE FOR THE GRANT OF THE DEVELOPMENT LICENSE. Subject to the terms of this Agreement and the restrictions and waivers set forth by reference in the Java SE LIUM contained therein, including but not limited to the Limitations of Java technology in these Additional Terms, Oracle grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license, free of charge, to reproduce and use the Software internally, fully and without modification for design, develop and test your programs. The Oracle Java SE suite can be purchased from Oracle and contains Oracle Java SE Advanced as well as additional features for real-time soft. JRockit Real Time offers extremely low and predictable latencies for standard Java applications. The available product Oracle Java SE Suite for Independent Software Vendors is distinguished only by the license terms – the commercial functions and packages are identical. Oracle provides installers that correspond directly to Oracle Java SE Embedded, Oracle Java ME Embedded, and Oracle Java ME Embedded Client (OJEC).

The Oracle Java Wireless Client (OJWC) product requires the Oracle Java ME Embedded product and the Lightweight user interface toolkit. . . .